Rita Oakes

Welcome to the website of Rita Oakes, writer of historical fiction, dark fantasy, & horror.

Come in. Make yourself comfortable. Have a beer--a Belgian one: a nice Trappist or maybe a lovely raspberry lambic. Enjoy the art: Goya, Gericault, or Jacques Louis David. A bit disturbing, perhaps? Stay for the stories--dark, some of them. Tales of madness, war, disease, monsters both human and . . . not.

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Comrades-in-Arms features tales of historical fiction mixed occasionally with supernatural horror:
A French fusilier fights guerrillas and growing disillusionment in Napoleonic-era Spain
A military surgeon encounters the unthinkable during the 1812 occupation of Moscow
A cavalry officer fights a valiant rear-guard action against the undead at the Berezina River
A good-natured Wiltshire man finds companionship and courage amid the muck and misery of the trenches in WWI.
A downed American airman realizes everyone is not quite as they seem as he takes refuge with a band of Polish partisans during World War II

And more . . .

Comrades-in-Arms offers tales of battles and the aftermath, of comradeship, loss, duty, and discovery